I'm happy to announce that my eBook, “Lessons Learned in Jumbo Valley” is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores.  It’s priced to be a Blessing so please pick up a copy from these provided links.

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God is in the Lesson giving business.  I should know because He has presented me with several lesson-learning tests over the years, some appreciated - some not!  But the ones He taught me as a child growing up in West Virginia are the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.  And the most fun!  Nestled between two mountains, with a river running along one of those mountains, my valley home was an exciting place to grow up.  There were mountains to climb and a river to explore, and since I was a young girl intent on having fun, I took full advantage of the opportunities offered.  I didn't realize while I was having all that fun that God was teaching me Spiritual Lessons from the natural world around me.  I never dreamed that one day I would have to learn to love a spiritual valley as much as I loved Jumbo valley, nor did I ever imagine that I would have to climb spiritual mountains and cross spiritual rivers in the same way I did their natural counterparts.  But thirty years later, a test came my way that almost destroyed me.  Being the merciful God that He is, the Lord strengthened me in my valley experience and started re-teaching me the lessons He had taught me as a child from a spiritual perspective.  Let me be your guide as you learn those same principles in, “Lessons Learned in Jumbo Valley.”