I Have Not Forgotten You

Can a woman ever forget her newborn child?
Sad to say, in this life that is often true,
But you are engraved on the palms of my hands
And it would be impossible for me to forget you.

I remember as though it were yesterday the exact
Moment of your birth, my thought had become reality,
The first cry you uttered was like music to my ears
I could hardly wait for you to grow into your destiny.

All through childhood angels were given charge
To watch over and protect you from being harmed,
But when you boldly stepped into adulthood with-
Out acknowledging my existence, I became alarmed!

My heart was reassured when in moments of crisis
You would seek me out, praying to be set free,
And yet, after I had granted you deliverance, you
Would turn and walk away, forgetting about me.

I waited for you to step into your Holy calling
Instead, you married and had children of your own,
Which grew, married and followed their dreams
Now the ones you created have left you all alone.

But I’m still here; waiting, hoping you will remember
The One who created you.  In this dark and lonely hour
You are still my Precious Child and though you have
Grown weak and frail, your God has not lost His power.

Return to me, I have extended your life for a purpose
Even at your age there is still a great work for you to do,
For you will be a continuing witness of my enduring love
And mercy when others see that I have not forgotten you!

Sherry Wyne
© Copyright 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved