Sex - Outside of Marriage - Is Sin


When or by whom it entered into the Holiness church
I know not, but the concept came straight out of hell.
This idea that there are some sexual practices that
Unmarried saints can indulge in and never have to “tell”.
Sex to them is complete penetration, they believe any-
Thing less is acceptable to God, so they feel no remorse,
For it isn’t really sin, they say, orgasm is only a release
Of tension if achieved without actual intercourse.
They fully believe they can look, touch and kiss on
Nakedness, as long as they don’t go “all the way,”
But God says sex of any kind outside of marriage is
Fornication, and that’s sin, so is what we call foreplay!
Many feel that because God knows their hearts and
Understands their needs they don’t have to confess,
They believe He will continue to use them in
Ministry if they don’t go too far in their mess.
That could be true; for there is great work to be done
And they have a sincere desire to be used by Him,
Unfortunately, they will never be used to the extent
Nor with the power that God had planned to use them.
Why?  Because anointing works best through a clean
Vessel, not one whose righteousness is a sham,
That’s why Jesus who had the same temptations of
The flesh that we do, said, “Be holy even as I am.”
At the moment it is not the condition of our hearts
Nor the sins of our flesh that upsets God the most,
It is the fact that we have developed a form of
Godliness while denying the power of the Holy Ghost!
The Bible says that some things should not be named
Among us, for we have the power to resist all temptation,
So why does it seem that the people who carry God’s
Spirit are at times the most unholy of all His creation?
I thank God for grace, for many times I have fallen
And the love of God has lifted me out of my sin,
But I pray that I never become so comfortable with
God’s mercy that I forget the power that lies within.

Sherry Wyne
© Copyright 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved