The Red Sea Experience

Walking, then running, sweat pouring down my back
Looking over my shoulder, waiting for the enemy’s attack.
My legs are failing and my knees are weak,
A safe, restful haven is all that I seek.
Fear is the propelling force driving my tired body on
The instinct for self-preservation is all that keeps me going.
Suddenly the mountains appear, one on each side
Perhaps there is a place between them, somewhere for me to hide.
Running past the mountains, my eyes search the land beyond
And my heart almost stops beating, for now all hope is gone,



I fall to my knees admitting my defeat
Then out of heaven a voice; so strong, so soft, so sweet.
“I will fight for you; you will not face the enemy’s sword,
Rise up, be still, and see the salvation of your Lord!
Between this rock and hard place there is humanly nothing you can do
So stretch out on the arms of me, your Rock, and I will carry you through.
Am I a man that I should lie?”
The waves seem to shudder at the sound of His cry.
“Have I spoken and shall it not be?”
Now there is definite movement in the midst of my sea.
“No man shall stand before you all the days of your life,”
The waters are cut asunder as if by some huge, invisible knife.
When they stood upon a heap listening to a voice only they heard
I knew in my soul they had been wrenched apart by the power of His word!
Dry land appeared, a pathway in the middle of a cold deadly sea
And I walked across in Victory for my God truly delivered me.


Sherry Wyne
© Copyright 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved