The Un-Fulfilled Dreams Of God

You see them standing on street corners watching the traffic go by
They flash a smile, strut their stuff and hope to catch someone’s eye.
Often a car will stop and a stranger will offer them a price
They agree and get inside without thinking about it twice.
They look for a cheap hotel room, a place where they can go
She keeps her side of the bargain and he hands over the dough.
Then after the deed is done and she is back out on the street
The “Man” gets most of the money and she knows not to cheat.
How sad that lack of opportunity changed the entire course of her life
She would have been a devoted mother, made someone a perfect wife.
God had put in her a great ability to love, comfort and protect
But Satan obscured the plan of God and now her life is a wreck.

They sit in big offices having reached the top of the corporate ladder
But money and power are never enough, and daily they grow sadder.
They have used their talents and skills to propel them on their way
And they are experts in their fields, that is what anyone would say.
But the greatest praise is little consolation as they lay awake at night
Tossing and turning because the condition of their soul is not right.
Somewhere along the road of life they have taken the wrong turn
God watches as they struggle and wonders if they will ever learn,
That before the foundations of the world they were created in His mind;
A unique individual with a gift and a ministry for the saving of mankind.
That is why their soul is troubled; their priorities have been misplaced,
They don’t realize who they are to God and His dream is going to waste.

On Sunday mornings you can find them sitting on soft, padded pews
Laughing and talking with their friends as they catch up on all the news.
They sing, clap their hands and bow their head when it’s time to pray
And when they hear the preached word of God they believe it all the way.
For the space of an hour they can see themselves in God’s plan
As they learn how to be used by Him in His deliverance of man.
At times God’s Spirit will move upon them and they will almost shout
They know that God is talking to them for He leaves them in no doubt.
But after the last prayer is said and the Man of God says Amen
They shake their heads and wonder where their minds have been.
Logic comes to replace the faith that was built up a moment ago
And when asked how they fit into God’s plan they no longer know.

God’s heart is Broken.  I believe that He must surely weep,
Because His dreams are out there somewhere just walking the street!
God’s heart is Broken.  How much more can He be expected to stand?
All His hopes and dreams were in that young, talented business man!
God’s heart is Shattered!  And His hope for the world is growing faint,
Because if anyone should have fulfilled His dreams –
............................................It was His precious, blood-bought Saint!


Sherry Wyne
© Copyright 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved