“A gift hidden is a gift wasted.”  Essentially, that anonymous quote is the purpose for this website.  God has Blessed me with the ability to encourage and motivate others through the Gift of writing, but most of my work has been buried in a desk drawer for years.  Words that I believe will bring peace, healing and inspiration to those broken and discouraged have gone unread because I didn't have the marketing skills nor the finances to publish and promote them.  Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to reach millions from a website.  My Gift can now come out of hiding!

As a child I dreamed of growing up and becoming a movie star or a writer.  Both, as far as a little girl from the hills of West Virginia was concerned werejust - Crazy Dreams!  I never really believed I could or would become either one.  But a few decades later, God intervened in my life and woke up the Gift He had placed there before the foundation of the earth and I began to write…Poetry.

I Hated poetry!  I thought it was just sickening sweet, rhyming words about Nothing Important!  But the poems God gave me were Awesome because they were about Him!  It wasn’t long before I was writing essays, thoughts, short stories and even books.  I had become my Dream!

Photography is a hobby that I am passionate about!  I haven't had formal training but I absolutely love trying to capture the beauty that God has placed on this earth. 

Photography means, “Writing with light”.  How appropriate that God would link my passions by light - writing About the Light of the world, and writing With light, “a picture being worth a thousand words,” as the saying goes.  Several years ago, those passions were united. I was shopping in West Virginia and while walking past the greeting card section one card in particular caught my eye.  It had a beautiful picture of a waterfall on the front and I ran over and grabbed it to see what was written inside.  I was so disappointed because it was blank!  And then I thought, “I could do this”.  I could take the picture and write the verse, and the next thing I knew God had me designing greeting cards! With over 200 designs in my collection, I'm Dreaming of having my own greeting card line!  And I'm believing that God will allow that dream to become a reality also!! 

Through this website my passions, Writing and Photography, are being united once more.  I'm sharing my artwork for two reasons, firstly, I think it's Unique and hope You will too, and secondly, I'm praying that those who stop to view my photos will also take time to read my writings.  I want to Light Up the world around me by sharing the Gift God has given me!

Be Blessed!