In God I Am The One

Saints what damage to our spirits have we unknowingly done
By constantly professing with our mouths, I Am Not the One.

Wrapped up in those few words, seemingly innocent and so cute
Are the deadly seeds of negativism and in us they have taken root.

However, this saying didn’t come out of heaven by way of the Lamb
For with great power and conviction Jesus proclaimed, In God - I AM!

I AM the Root and the Offspring of David; I AM the True Vine,
Before Abraham was, I AM; all power in heaven and earth is mine.

I AM Alpha and Omega; I AM the First and the Last,
Creator of new beginnings from a torn and broken past.

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life; my sheep follow my call,
Beside me there is no other God; I AM Lord and Master over all.

I AM the Good Shepherd; I AM the Door of the sheep,
That which my Father gave to me I am able to keep.

I AM the Bread of life, the one the world has been hungering for,
I AM He that liveth and was dead, Behold, I AM alive forevermore.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life; I AM from above,
Created as a sacrifice for a world my Father loved.

I AM the Light of the world; there is no darkness at all in me,
I am come into this world so that they which see not might see.

I AM the Messiah; I am God’s only begotten son,
I AM in my Father, and In God – I AM the One!

And yet this same Jesus began to question
His I AMness in the garden of Gethsemane

As Satan rushed in to challenge His knowledge
of who He was in God and His ministry.

Momentarily overcome by the spirit of negativism,
the flesh of God almost gave in

No longer sure He was the one that God had created
to save His people from their sin.

He did not question the need for sacrifice,
He knew for remission of sin blood must be shed

But He started to doubt His own uniqueness in God
as He listened to the things that Satan said.

“You’re really not special,” taunted Satan,
“Your blood is no better than the next Jewish brother

Except you were crazy enough to base your whole life
and ministry on the delusions of your “virgin” Mother!”

Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say that a virgin
shall conceive and bring forth a child, a Son.”

“I’m familiar with the Word,” replied Satan,
“but what makes you think you are that one?

Mary said that you were some Holy Thing,
probably to cover up the fact that she had be defiled

But even the neighbors don’t believe her;
are you really sure that you are not Joseph’s child?”

“I know that the Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
to preach, to heal and to set the captives free

That was revealed to me,” responded Jesus,
“from the book of Isaiah that was handed to me.

Do you remember when John was in prison
and he heard about the works that Christ had done?

He sent two of his own disciples who asked me,
should we look for another, or are you the one?

I told them to go and tell John those things
which they had both heard and seen

The blind see, the dead are raised,
the Gospel is preached and lepers are made clean.”

“So you’ve done a few things,” mocked Satan,
“but Simon the sorcerer said he too was like God

And everyone was bewitched until they discovered,
like they will with you, he was just a fraud.”

“I am both the Good Shepherd,” said Jesus,
“and he who will lay down his life as a sacrificial lamb

My sheep will not be deceived by another;
they will follow my voice for they know who I am.

This commandment have I of my Father;
I have the power to lay down my life and take it up again

That is why He loves me so,” said Jesus,
“I am willing to forfeit my life even though I have no sin.”

“You have no power to live again,” cried Satan,
“you’ll find out when you drink of your Father’s cup

For I will promise you this; when they stretch
you out on that cross, you won’t be getting back up!”

“Satan, the Lord rebuke you,” said Jesus,
“God is allowing me to be bruised because it pleases Him.”

“Believe that if you want,” laughed Satan,
“but when He gets done, I will tear you limb from limb!”

Relentlessly, Satan taunted Jesus, making Him
doubt His heritage, His works and what would be

Until, in all of His humanity, He cried,
“O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me!”

As a Hebrew He was familiar with the promise
of Jehovah to send a Saviour in the form of a Son

But because of the spiritual attack brought on by Satan,
Jesus said in essence; “I Am Not the One.”

Weakened by His spiritual battle, Jesus arose
and went to His disciples, seeking to be assured

Hoping His friends would tell him; you are God’s
anointed vessel and you are special in the Lord.

Finding them asleep, He warned them to watch
and pray so they would not enter into temptations

And returned to prayer with His identity in God
in question because of Satan’s negative accusations.

But God, who knows the hearts of men, met Him there
as He bowed for the second time to pray

And gained for Him the victory over the
demonic spirit of negativism as lovingly He began to say,

“My Son, not only are you the one, you are
the ONLY One who can do what you were called to do

Physically and spiritually you are unique,
there never has been and never will be, another you.

Everything about you, from genetic make-up
to your environment was specifically designed

To promote individuality, No One can do
what you do like you do it; you are one of a kind!

Now I did notice that you said, I am this,
that or I am the other, until Calvary looked your way

When you realized being the One meant being crucified,
that was a price you did not want to pay.

It was easy to say, “I am the one” when you were
laying hands on the sick and raising the dead

But now that it’s time to take on the
responsibility of the call, you want another chosen instead.

Sadly, that is not possible.  Not only do I not
change my mind, but no one else can do what you do

That is why Satan is fighting you so hard;
he is trying to destroy the ministry that is inside of you.

Remember, you told your disciples about the
words you spoke being spirit and life, or positive

Satan is a spiritual being also and He speaks,
but his words are spirit and death, or negative.

When you say, I AM NOT the One; you are
speaking for the devil!  I said; I Am that I Am

And I was pointing to you when I said it!
You Are the one I chose to be the sacrificial Lamb.”

Then Jesus, in agony, prayed so that His sweat
was like great drops of blood falling to the ground

Until His Father’s words merged with His Spirit
and He conquered that which held Him bound.

Freed, He said, “O my Father, if this cup
may not pass away unless I drink it, Thy will be done,”

And He turned to face Destiny with eyes wide open,
finally convinced that in God, He was The One.

Again Jesus came to His disciples, this time to
reassure them and to share with them God’s word

But finding them asleep once more, He walked away,
not revealing those things He had heard.

For the third time He bowed to pray and the Bible
points out that He spoke the same words as before

“O my Father, Thy will be done.”  Jesus did not need
someone to tell Him He was the One anymore!

This last prayer was one of elevation;
God lifted His Son into a new realm - Responsibility

A place where He was empowered to carry
the sins of the world as He fully embraced His ministry.

Soon He returned to His disciples and as He woke them,
Judas came out to Him with a band of men

Bearing lantern, torches and weapons; with officers
from the chief priests and Pharisees among them,

Knowing all things that would come upon Him,
Jesus boldly went forth and said, “Whom seek ye?”

“Jesus of Nazareth,” they said, and were knocked backward
by the power of His words, “I AM He!”

Jesus discovered the power of knowing who He was
in God and being able speak it out with authority

And as the world waited; its hope hinged on One man
Jesus, the Son of God, walked into His destiny.

Without question, we know Jesus had victory over
the spirit of negativism in the garden that day

The question is, how did it get back into the house of God? 
I contend there was only one way.

Spirits do not die; they just move on to the next person,
so that spirit had to look for another being

Regrettably, it was Brother Peter; the man with the Keys,
who unwittingly became Satan’ opening.

For when the damsel at the door asked,
“Aren’t you one of His disciples?” he answered, “I Am Not!”

Giving the spirit of negativism access to God’s “body”
as he denied the principle that Jesus had taught.

With the help of God, Peter was able to continue on
and do those things God had commissioned him to do

However, that insidious spirit never left,
it has crept down through the church seeking me and you.

That negative spirit hoped that we would not
recognize it or its power to instill fear and despair

But God has given me a spirit of discernment
and it is His warning I have been commanded to share.

When you hear a Saint say, I AM NOT the one,
think about the spiritual damage that is being done

And decree with me,
I will only allow my mouth to speak...
“In God – I AM the One!”

Sherry Wyne
© Copyright 2014-2015
All Rights Reserved